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List of NSW units of the AIF

Appendix 1
The First Australian Railway Supply Detachment, 11th A.A.SC. c. Dec 1914. Digital ID 17420_a014_a014000498

The First Australian Railway Supply Detachment, 11th A.A.SC. c. Dec 1914. Digital ID 17420_a014_a014000498

This list includes the New South Wales units of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) for World War I.

Australian Light Horse Regiments

1st Light Horse Regiment; 6th Light Horse Regiment; 7th Light Horse Regiment; 12th Light Horse Regiment

Australian Infantry Battalions

1st Infantry Brigade comprising:

1st Infantry Battalion; 2nd Infantry Battalion; 3rd Infantry Battalion; 4th Infantry Battalion

5th Infantry Brigade comprising:

17th Infantry Battalion; 18th Infantry Battalion; 19th Infantry Battalion; 20th Infantry Battalion

9th Infantry Brigade comprising:

33rd Infantry Battalion; 34th Infantry Battalion; 35th Infantry Battalion; 36th Infantry Battalion

14th Infantry Brigade comprising:

53rd Infantry Battalion; 54th Infantry Battalion; 55th Infantry Battalion; 56th Infantry Battalion

13th Infantry Battalion

30th Infantry Battalion

45th Infantry Battalion

Australian Artillery

1st Battery; 2nd Battery; 3rd Battery; 25th Battery; 26th Battery; 27th Battery; 33rd Battery; 34th Battery; 35th Battery; 116th Battery; 117th Battery

Australian Trench Mortar Batteries

1st Light Trench Mortar Battery; 5th Light Trench Mortar Battery; 9th Light Trench Mortar Battery; 14th Light Trench Mortar Battery

Australian Engineers & Signals

7th Field Company; 9th Field Company; 14th Field Company; 2nd Field Troop; 2nd Signal Troop; Cavalry Division Signal Squadron; Light Motor Set Wireless Troop

Australian Railways

1st Railway Section

Australian Machine Gun Corps

1st Machine Gun Company; 5th Machine Gun Company; 9th Machine Gun Company; 14th Machine Gun Company

Australian Army Service Corps

2nd, 7th, 15th, 20th and 24th Companies; 2nd Light Horse Brigade Train (6th Company); Railway Supply Detachment; 4th Depot Unit of Supply; 3rd Field Bakery; 1st and 3rd Field Butcheries

Australian Veterinary Corps

1st Veterinary Section; 1st and 3rd Mobile Veterinary Section

Australian Army Medical Corps

1st, 5th, 9th and 14th Field Ambulance; 2nd General Hospital

Detailed histories of these units are available at First World War Units on the AWM website.

List taken from Brad Manera’s New South Wales and the Great War 1914 to 1918: A Report commissioned by the New South Wales Centenary of Anzac  Commemoration Committee, 2011