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Sydney Harbour Trust Remembers

Employees who died on military service

SHT Roll of Honour from NRS 13975 [18-1677, p.4] 1919

SHT Roll of Honour from NRS 13975 [18-1677, p.4] 1919

The Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners (SHT) was a statutory body established by the Sydney Harbour Trust Act 1901 and was responsible for the general improvement, preservation and daily running of the Port of Sydney.  All foreshores, lighthouses and tugs within Sydney Harbour which belonged to the Government were vested in the Trust, which also had the power to reclaim land for the erection of necessary infrastructure.

To this end the SHT had power to:

  • regulate the movement of vessels and the handling of cargo in the port through a Harbour Master;
  • collect wharfage rates and dues;
  • maintain wharf facilities such as swimming baths and fire fighting and safety equipment;
  • carry out dredging operations and removal of ship wrecks;
  • grant licences for the erection of piers.

The Sydney Harbour Trust operated from 1901 until 1936 when it was replaced by the Maritime Services Board.

For more details on the Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners see Agency 517.

Sydney Harbour Trust Employees Who Died While on Active Service

The following images are employees of the Sydney Harbour Trust (NRS 20231) who died while on active military service with the AIF during World War I.   The photos have the names of the men written on the reverse.