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On the Home Front

Life at home in town and country NSW

How did World War I affect the people of New South Wales on the home front?

Sydney and country NSW faced massive upheavals in the face of war.  While men and women went off to war, industries and jobs changed to meet the demands of a war time economy.  Many people volunteered their time to help the war effort by fundraising and participating in events like Belgian Day.  The face of Sydney changed with the building of Daceyville, the Garden Suburb and the development of baby health clinics.  On the downside, there was an anti-German sentiment which prevailed amongst many people.  Suburbs, towns and businesses changed their names and some people of German descent ended up in concentration camps.

On the Home Front Topics

Red Cross

School children display of Australia with Red Cross in centre, July 1915. From NRS 4481 ST5705.

Role of Women
Red Cross workers at Coonamble Public School knitting and spinning, 1918. From NRS 15051.

Sydney 1915

Interstate Premier's Conference taken at Parliament House, May 1915.

Baby Health ClinicsEstablishment of Baby Health Clinics Census of Horses/Owners
Census of Horses and Owners
Daceyville, Garden Suburb
Daceyville – the Garden Suburb
Patriotic FundraisingNRS 4481 ST5600  Sydney 1914
Sydney in 1914

Wartime publications
Wartime publications

Outbreak of War
Message from King George V, 8 September 1914
Wartime Film FlyersTess of the Storm Country Everyday Life in NSW R431-1-1[1]_p55_CQ-Ladys-ticket-front_