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GPO Returned Soldiers’ Club

GPO Returned Soldiers' Club First Annual Outing 1920 This framed image is from the Government Printing Office (GPO).  It shows the Returned Soldiers’ Club first annual outing at Yarra Bay on 25th September 1920.  This image complements another photo board from...

GPO Remembers

Government Printing Office Remembers Employees on military service   The following images are of government employees who worked in the Government Printing Office (GPO) and served in the AIF during World War I.  The image on the right shows the complete memorial...

Sydney Harbour Trust Remembers

Sydney Harbour Trust Remembers Employees who died on military service The Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners (SHT) was a statutory body established by the Sydney Harbour Trust Act 1901 and was responsible for the general improvement, preservation and daily running of...

Plans of war memorials

This series consists of a single volume containing photographs of sketches and actual War Memorials in New South Wales. There are memorials, proposed memorials, competition designs and blueprints.

In Remembrance

How did the people of NSW commemorate those who fought and died in the War? After the conclusion of World War I the people of New South Wales looked for ways to remember those who had died. Metropolitan suburbs and small country towns planned a variety of memorials, ranging from carillons to rotundas, gates and statues.