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Military service during World War I


With the declaration of war on 4 August 1914 Australia found itself fighting a war that took place, for the most part, on the other side of the world. The people of New South Wales responded to the new wartime demands in a variety of ways.  Many volunteered to serve their state and the Commonwealth of Australia as soldiers and nurses. The NSW Government turned its vast state wide machinery to supporting the war effort and undertook recruitment campaigns to encourage enlistment.

Public Service/War Service

The Western Sydney Records Centre at Kingswood hosted an exhibition in 2015-2016 focusing on how war time demands affected NSW government departments and government employees.  The exhibition highlighted profiles of eleven government employees, including Edith Blake, Harold Bindoff, Major-General William Holmes and Romola Koester.

Search our new online index, NSW Government employees granted military leave, 1914-18.

In Service Topics


Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force

Gallipoli Campaign

NRS12060[9-4704]London-Gazette-2July1915_011_cropped sml

Recruitment Campaigns

New South Wales Recruitment Campaigns

Voices from GallipoliGF Bowman, NRS 13660 4-79443. British Recruitment Posters

Battle of Cocos Islands

Emden on beach

 Military Exemption Courts
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 NSW Soldiers who won the Victoria Cross

Corp Thomas James Bede Kenny (VC winner). Image ST6762.

  Liverpool Soldier Riots 1916

Soldiers drilling at Liverpool Camp, 21 November 1915. From NRS 4474 [1/194] D4480, image 11.